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Let’s face it, life is busy enough at the best of times and finding time to do the little things often feels like a mission. Cue the introduction of portable blenders…

Never fear, here at SmartBlend, we’re attempting to cut out some of that ‘hard to find time’ by providing you with our portable blenders. Now you can take your blender with you wherever you go, so there really is no excuse not to get those calories in! 




Now we know looks aren’t everything, but when it comes to portable blenders, they certainly help! That’s why we now have six to choose from – black, blue, green, purple, pink and now a ‘limited edition’ red.

No one wants to pull a bulky, bland looking blender out of their bag, so SmartBlend’s got you covered. 

Our designs are modern, convenient and unbelievably eye-catching, so you’ll have no issues placing it in front of others. 

Portable Blender Green with Fruit



Struggle to find time to eat at work? No problem, SmartBlend make it easy and convenient to eat while at work. And lets be honest, our blenders will probably add some colour to your desk…!


Tired of shaking that protein in a shaker after a workout? Well now you have an alternative. Take SmartBlend to the gym and once your workout is finished, quickly blend your shake and consume to keep those hard earned “gains!”


We all know how popular travelling has become, therefore, why not use the compact SmartBlend to eat while on the go abroad. Easily fits into your hand luggage for a quick fire snack (please check airline policy before travelling with SmartBlend).


SmartBlend Specifications


Simple steps to ensure you are using your SmartBlend correctly:

  • Allow 2-3 hours for charging
  • Ensure that base of the blender is secure - e.g. tighten container
  • Add your choice of liquid (water/milk/yogurt)
  • Cut fruit or vegetables into small pieces (1.5cm x 1.5cm), then add to blender
  • Turn the blender upside down or to at least 60 degree angle, then press the 'ON' button to start rotating the blades
  • Slowly bring the blender back to an upright position, occasionally tilting while blending
  • Add some ice into the liquid and blend again (if desired)
  • It is advisable not to have large pieces of fruit or vegetables, or to add ice into the blender first as this can block the blades
  • DO NOT blend ice without first adding liquid
  • DO NOT put in the dishwasher

If using the blender to drink from, ensure blades CANNOT be turned on while consuming. Alternatively, use a glass or plastic cup and pour contents in.

SmartBlend with packaging


SmartBlend Charging
Magnetic SmartBlend


SmartBlend Features

Australian Owned

We are 100% Australian owned, and proud of it. All orders are thoroughly inspected and shipped from our Brisbane location. We ensure 100% quality on all our products.

Free Delivery

Free Australian shipping via Australia Post. All orders come with tracking numbers so you can be sure of where your blender is.  International shipping subject to charge.

Hassle-Free Returns

Returns and exchanges couldn't be easier. If you're not happy with your purchase, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee, so you can purchase in confidence.

Safety & Security

Here at SmartBlend, we take your security very seriously, that's why we use SSL Security sitewide, to ensure your personal and payment information is kept safe.