Frequently Asked Questions

I didn’t receive an email confirmation after placing an order?

After each order we send a confirmation email. If you’ve not received this email within 5 minutes of placing your order it may be worth checking your email’s spam folder as occasionally they can be sent there by accident. If you can’t find your confirmation email in your spam folder please contact us. We will then send you a copy of your receipt.

It is safe to order online?

You can be assured that shopping with SmartBlend is safe! We are a small business that will always put customers first and our mission is to make you feel happy and satisfied with our service and our product. We use SSL security to ensure your information is safe. 

What happens if the blender I want is out of stock?

If the blender you want is out of stock, don’t worry. Contact us quickly and we can inform you when our next products will be available in the store.

What shipping do you use?

We use Australia Post eParcel. Fast, flexible, and a tracking number will be provided. For any other shipping information, visit our Shipping page here.

What if I don’t like the blender when I receive it?

Do not worry about it, send it back to us for a full refund, or you can exchange it for another blender. It’s important that you are happy with your purchase, so please contact us to assist you or visit our Exchanges & Refunds page for more information.

Is SmartBlend easy to use? 

It sure is, as long as you follow the instructions provided. To get the best results out of your blender, make sure that you cut up the fruit into 1.5cm x 1.5cm pieces. Place the fruit into the blender, then add some liquid. Turn the blender upside down and turn it on. Once the motor is in full swing, place the blender upright to enable blending. 

How long do the blenders last?

At most, you could expect up to 20 usages each charge. Charging time is approximately 3 hours to fully charge. For best results, charge after each use. 

How do I charge my SmartBlend?

Each blender comes with its own USB cable in order to charge it. Please note, we do not include the plug adapter for the wall as the blenders don’t require it. You can charge your blender in various ways such as via your laptop, with an existing USB plug adapter you might have with headphones, mobile phones etc. You can also use a power bank to charge your blender!

How noisy is SmartBlend?

When the motor is run without anything inside, SmartBlend is actually reasonably quiet, unlike some more mainstream kitchen top blenders. Of course, it depends how hard you make the blender work and what is put inside, but overall, it’s not that loud. 

Will SmartBlend crush ice? 

It certainly will! Although, please make sure that the blocks of ice aren’t too big otherwise the blender will struggle. If you find the blender slowing, all you need to do it tilt the blender to regain motor speed. Checkout our ice crushing video on our home page to see the results!

Can I use hot liquid in my SmartBlend?

You can use the blender with hot water as our borosilicate glass is designed to withstand high temperatures. If using hot water, please ensure care is taken not to burn yourself on the glass as this will be hot. 

Is it easy to clean my blender? 

It couldn’t be easier! Once used, place washing liquid and water in the blender and turn on as normal. After a few seconds, stop the blender and pour out. Repeat the process if needed. Place upside down to dry. Please do not place the blender base into water, being electric, the elements will break. 

Can I use a dishwasher to clean my blender?

Absolutely not! Your blender is not designed to be placed into dishwashers.  

Is SmartBlend safe? 

Yes, SmartBlend is completely safe assuming you follow all instructions and guidelines. That being said, please ensure that you keep the blender away from children at all times. When using the blender, please make sure that you keep the blender switched off and avoid accidentally switching it on.  

What is the blender made of?

For this information, please head to our home page and scroll down to specifications for a complete breakdown of our blenders. 

Is the blender BPA free?

Our blenders are certainly made BPA free. Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical that is added to a lot of commercial products for additional strength in plastics, however, our blenders do not use this plastic. Our jug is made of high borosilicate glass, which makes it great for very hot and freezing temperatures.

Can I travel with my SmartBlend?

A very popular question. SmartBlend is a low capacity battery and safe to use, despite having stainless steel blades inside. It can usually be taken on flights as hand luggage and you should disclose this at baggage check-in, however, this is at the airline’s discretion. Their call is the final call.