Why Buy From Us?

So What's Special About SmartBlend?

Glad you asked. Basically, we are passionate about our blenders and want our customers to experience the best in products and service. Our products speak for themselves, but while you wait for your order, here’s a few points to ease your concerns and increase your confidence in SmartBlend…

Our Range

We only deal in blenders, therefore our store is solely focused on producing the best blenders in the business. Each blender is customised with our brand logo and the product name and comes in a range of different colours. We have put plenty of thought into the process and design of our blenders, which you will see once your order arrives.

We don’t have hundreds of products to search, which can get confusing for the consumer. You’ll see or concise range and know exactly which blender suits your needs.

Blenders For Everyone

The beauty of blenders is, they suit each and every one of us. Regardless of age, gender or origin, our blenders can cater for all of our hunger needs.

We want your experience to be positive from the very first time you visit our site. We try and make it quick and easy for you to make your decision while offering you great prices and quality of product. Our aim is for you to love your blender that much, you’ll boast to friends and family and show them what they are missing out on.

Guarantee Policy

We’re so confident in our product that we’re willing to offer a 3 month guarantee. That means, should you have any issues with your blender within 3 months, send it back to us and we will send you a brand new one for no extra charge. Please note, return shipping to SmartBlend HQ is your responsibility. 

Free Shipping

Not only do we offer high quality blenders, we’re that desperate for you to experience one in your life, we’ve only gone and provided free Australian shipping. Surely you can’t beat that…

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie...

If you couldn’t guess from the heading, we are 100% Australian owned, and bloody proud of it. Make sure you support a local business and contribute to our economy. We will only continue to prosper as a business and a country with your support.

Friendly Service

We are so passionate about our business, that’s why you should have no concerns or hesitations about contacting us. We are always willing to help go above and beyond to ensure your needs are met. Our process from start to finish is one we are proud of, and we hope that you are too when you become part of the SmartBlend family.

Secure Payments

In this day and age, given the increase in online purchases, it is imperative that your information is kept safe and secure. That doesn’t just mean your payment details, that means your personal details too. And that is exactly what we aim to achieve by using state of the art security encryption technology. We want you to shop in confidence. 

Privacy Policy

At SmartBlend, we care deeply about your privacy. We believe transparency is key to a trusting and lasting relationship, and we’re committed to being upfront about our privacy practices, which includes how we use your personal details. 

We don’t want you to worry one bit, your interests are our interests, that’s why we only use your personal information to process your order, and also to support your experience throughout this website. Your information is NOT passed onto any third parties, nor will it be used in any other manner, other than what is described here. 

To see our full Privacy Policy, click here.